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You Can’t Go Wrong With This Golf Divot Tool

golf divot toolWant a golf divot tool that offers it all? Meticulously engineered to mitigate improper divot repair and prolonged damage to the greens, the Mark Mender is a divot tool that’s designed to make repairing ball marks easy, effective, and gratifying.  

The natural tendency when using most conventional or plastic divot repair tools is to pull up along the sides of the ball mark. This motion can actually do more harm to the greens than good (and the future putts of your fellow golfers.) The Mark Mender is a four-prong divot tool that uses a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism, enabling golfers to repair their divots with proper care and satisfaction.

Applying a simple poke-and-pinch technique, the Mark Mender repairs divots seamlessly and triumphantly, helping you take ownership of your ball mark. In essence, this golf divot tool helps retain the quality of the golf green while adding to the experience of a great approach shot.

A Golf Cigar Holder Meets Divot Repair Tool

golf cigar holderThe Mark Mender is more than just a golf divot tool. It also doubles as a divot repair tool and golf cigar holder, serving as a trusted caddie for your delicate cheroot. Sure, you could opt for one of those golf cart cigar holder. But that would restrict all stogie enjoyment to the confines of your cart. Or you could take your cigar with you and rest your havana on the Mark Mender while you putt. That is, after you’ve flawlessly repaired your divot, of course.

If you’re searching for the ultimate golf cigar holder (you know, one that defines you as a true boss while out on the course,) then there’s no question that the Mark Mender is for you. Genuinely enjoy your stogie while taking ownership of your gnarly divots. This is one golf divot tool cigar holder you can’t go wrong with.

Custom Divot Tools & Bulk Wholesale Discounts

Experience for yourself why countless happy customers take advantage of Mark Mender's custom divot tools and bulk wholesale discounts. Don't settle by customizing plastic divot repair tools that don't stand up to par with today's savvy golfers. Share the stunning features and impeccable quality that defines the Mark Mender divot tool. This innovative ball mark repair tool showcases an impressive display of options, making it the ideal divot tool to buy in bulk, or to customize for a special event, promotion, or occasion.