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"The “Mark Mender” isn’t really a club holder at all, though it does a competent job of doing exactly that.  This small accessory’s primary purpose is to repair ball marks on the green, but it sets itself apart by doing a couple of extra things as well.  For starters, it has a magnetic ball marker attached to it and the clever design allows you to hold your club out of the wet grass or keep your cigar off the ground.


But the bottom line here is – how does it perform?!?  In short, I was really impressed with the ball repair ability!  When you come to a ball mark on the green, you unclasp the hook, releasing the two forks and place them on the outside of you ball mark.  Then, simply squeeze them together and it slightly raises and pushes your mark back together.  As you can see from the pictures, the repaired green is almost indistinguishable in the after picture.  This thing does a fantastic job!!"

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P.J. Evans, http://golfballed.com/categories/accessory-reviews/19608-mark-mender