Is There a Rule of Thumb for Using The Mark Mender Divot Tool?

Yes, for firm greens open the divot tool less. For Softer greens open the tool all the way. With your thumb and forefinger on the prongs, insert it all the way into the turf and squeeze.

What Is The Proper Way To Use The Mark Mender?

Generally, just follow the instructions card (or see or page on How to Use a Divot Tool) and the divot tool with work just fine. The more you use it the better you will get. If its not faster and easier than the forked tool, then you just haven't gotten the hang of it yet.

What Should I Do Differently for Firmer Greens?

On firm greens a golf ball will not generally make a big mark, so there is less to repair. However, because its hard they are more difficult to repair. Of course, this is true for any repair tool. Make sure the tool is open just barely more that the size of the ball mark, insert it all the way and then pump it several times. You may have to remove it, turn it 90 degrees and repeat for best results.

What Should I Do Differently for Softer Greens?

The Mark Mender should work just fine on softer greens, however, you may need to remove the tool and repeat the repair action or turn it 90 degrees. With practice, you will learn just how to work the tool to make a perfect repair every time.

Can I Clip the Mark Mender to My Belt Loop?

Yes, you can attach the divot repair tool to your belt loop quickly and easily.

Is This Divot Tool Allowed Under the Rules of Golf?

According to the USGA, the Mark Mender is permitted under the rules of golf.

How Do I Use The Mark Mender to Hold My Cigar?

With the divot tool in the open position, insert it into the turf and then lay your cigar in the space created by the two open handles. This makes for a secure golf cigar holder and divot tool.

What If My Mark Mender Breaks?

We have engineered each Mark Mender to withstand everyday usage for thousands of ball mark repairs. During normal use, it should not break. However, occasionally undetectable manufacturing defects will cause a failure, usually during the first few uses. If that happens, please send your damaged divot tool to us and we will replace it free and send you another for free for your trouble.

Can I Customize My Mark Mender for My Company or Event?

Yes, you can order custom divot tool packages. Just contact your favorite advertising specialty company or call us directly at 888-MENDER2