Groomsmen Golf Gifts

Unique, Practical, Appreciative Golf Gifts for Groomsmen

Finding really good groomsmen golf gifts is no easy endeavor. We mean really good golf gifts that your groomsmen will truly appreciate. Not some tacky club head cover that will probably wind-up being a Goodwill donation or the unoriginal gift of a dozen of Titleist Pro-V1 golf balls. When it comes to groomsmen golf gifts that are not only unique and practical, but also favored among most male golfers, the Mark Mender is a fail-proof decision.

custom golf groomsmen gifts

One of the Best Golf Gifts for Groomsmen

groomsmen golf gift ideasThere's a reason why the Mark Mender divot repair tool and cigar holder has a reputation as one of the best golf gifts for groomsmen. Unlike cheap divot tools and golf accessories, the Mark Mender is multi-functional, fully-customizable divot repair tool that doubles as a magnetic ball marker and golf cigar holder. But it's not like those magnetic ball markers that get lost in your pocket (and later in the laundry;) nor like the silly cigar holders that attach to your golf cart. The Mark Mender is a versatile and original divot tool that stays by your side while out on the course. And unlike other groomsmen golf gifts that require either a pretty penny or a bulk purchase, you can get custom Mark Mender divot tools at 12-unit minimum order.

A Divot Repair Tool Doubling as a Cigar Holder

The Mark Mender goes beyond most golf ball divot repair tools. This unique golf gift also serves as a cigar holder, acting as a trusted caddie for one's stogie. Sure, you could go out and buy one of those golf cart cigar holders. But then you'd be restricting the enjoyment of one's cheroot from the confines of a golf cart.groomsmen golf gifts

Instead, one could take their stogie with them as they embrace the green, all while resting the cigar on the Mark Mender when putting. That is, after flawlessly fixing one's ball mark. If you’re looking for a golf gift for groomsmen (one that displays confidence and respect for the course,) then there’s no question that the Mark Mender is for you. Don't let the ball and chain of golf cart cigar holders restrain the enjoyment of your havana. Have your cigar with you at all times while on the course, and take proud ownership of your impressive ball marks. This is one divot tool and cigar holder you can trust will be an honest golf gift for your groomsmen.

Customizable Groomsmen Golf Gifts

golf gifts for groomsmenWith option to personalize your divot repair tool, you can customize the Mark Mender for your unique occasion. Whether you want to include a clever saying or special design, each custom divot tool is crafted to your specifications. In addition to customizable groomsmen golf gifts, we have experience making personalized divot repair tools for many different parties and organizations. From professional golf tournament gifts to promotional items for businesses, you can trust that your custom gifts from Mark Mender will turn out just how you envisioned.

Give World Class Groomsmen Golf Gifts

When it comes to giving groomsmen golf gifts that are truly memorable, there’s a reason why the Mark Mender takes the cake. It’s a golf divot tool and cigar holder that’s uniquely designed to minimize damage to the greens by fixing ball marks the correct way. And while also serving as as a golf cigar holder and ball marker, it’s the icing on the cake after an incredible approach shot. Experience what gives the Mark Mender its reputation as one of the best golf gifts for groomsmen.