Golf Promotional Items

Unique & Versatile Golf Promotional Items

Don't settle for run-of-the-mill golf promotional items that are unoriginal and questionably effective. When it comes to unique, versatile, and custom-branded promotional golf items, there's a reason why the Mark Mender is a win.

The Mark Mender is a four-prong divot tool and cigar holder that uses a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism, enabling golfers to repair their ball mark with greater care and satisfaction. Using a simple poke-and-pinch technique, the Mark Mender divot tool fixes the gnarliest of ball marks with seamless triumph. And because it's so highly remarked on the course for its multi-functional efficacy, it serves as one of the best golf promotional items.

golf promotional items

Custom Promotional Golf Items from Mark Mender

By offering fully-custom golf promotional items wholesale, you can craft your own Mark Mender divot tool for many different branding and marketing efforts. Whether you’re in need of promotional golf items for your business or want to introduce something unique to your arsenal of trade show swag, the Mark Mender offers practical golf promotional items that are both creative and appreciated among recipients.

And with a low minimum order on bulk divot tool orders, you may find the Mark Mender to be your trusted go-to promotional gift for more than just one occasion. Don't settle for boring promotional golf items that end up forgotten about, or worse, throw in the garbage. Take advantage of unique and compelling golf promotional items at wholesale prices and opt for the Mark Mender.

Multi-Functional Golf Promotional Items That Work

promotional golf item ideasThe Mark Mender is more than just a golf divot tool. It also doubles as a divot repair tool and golf cigar holder, serving as a trusted caddie for your delicate cheroot. Sure, you could invest in standard golf promotional items, such as golf cart cigar holders. But those are nothing unique, and they restrict all cigar enjoyment to the confines of the golf cart.

The Mark Mender enables golfers to take their stogie with them on the greens, resting it on the golf cigar holder while they putt. If you’re searching for the ultimate promotional golf items, (the type of investment that's going to stand out from the clutter of conventional golf items,) then there’s no question that the Mark Mender is for you.

World Class Divot Repair Tool That Every Golfer Wants

When it comes to divot repair tools, there’s a reason why the Mark Mender takes the cake among golfers. It’s a divot repair tool that’s uniquely designed to minimize damage to the greens by fixing ball marks the correct way. And while doubling as a golf cigar holder and ball marker, it’s the icing on the cake after an incredible approach shot. Experience what gives the Mark Mender its reputation as a world class divot repair tool and one of the best promotional golf items that you can customize to your company or cause.