How to Use a Divot Tool

How to Use the Mark Mender™ Divot Repair Tool

Unlike a conventional divot repair tool, The Mark Mender is a four-prong divot tool that uses a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism, enabling golfers to repair their divots with proper care and satisfaction. The natural tendency when using most conventional or plastic divot repair tools is to pull up along the sides of the ball mark. This motion can actually do more harm to the greens than good (and the future putts of your fellow golfers.) See how to use a divot tool in the video below. Whether you use a standard two-prong divot tool, or the Mark Mender divot tool, the insights below we show you how to use a divot tool the right way.

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How to Use Mark Mender™ Divot Repair Tool

NOTE: Proper use of the MarkMender™ golf tool will quickly become intuitive. Once you "get it" you will instinctively know how to fix virtually any ball mark in just seconds.