The Golf Cigar Holder That Wins on the Course

The golf cigar holder has become an essential tool for those who enjoy a good stogie while out on the course. Cigar holders alleviate the conundrum of where to rest your Havana when you need to chip, putt, or put one on the dance floor. However, not all golf cigar holders are created equal.

Among the most common are cigar holder clips that affix golf carts and golf bags. Or you have the single-purpose, oddly shaped cigar holder that you stick into the ground every time you need support. What fun that is... But one innovative tool that’s taking ownership as the best cigar holder on the course is the Mark Mender.cigar holder divot tool

The Mark Mender is a multipurpose (4-in-1 to be specific) divot repair tool that functions as a sleek, easy-to-use cigar holder. In addition to holding your stogie, it can also serve as a grip rest during dewy mornings. It also offers a magnetic ball marker that can be customized with your unique logo or design.

In short, the Mark Mender is the golf cigar holder that offers the winning option while out on the course. You can take our word for it and check out our products, or you can read on to learn more.

A Distinctive Look, Like a Boss

In terms of aesthetics, the Mark Mender is one of the most unique and original cigar holders. It’s spring-loaded, 4-prong design gives it a distinct look combined with flawless functionality.  While it won’t shave any stokes of your game, it will certainly help you take ownership of your ball mark (and your stogie,) like a boss.

unique cigar holder divot tool

If you’re hitting pin-high approach shots on the regular, the Mark Mender can help make the duty of repairing divots and securing one’s stogie a gratifying experience.

The Alternatives Are Weak

competing golf cigar holder

That's one way to do it.

You’re probably reading this blog post because you’re interested in cigar holders for golf. That, or you’re doing some research to find the best options out there. Well, we’ve done our homework and tried out a few comparable cigar holder/divot repair tools. In short, the Mark Mender is beyond compare.

Aside from its ingenious design, the Zinc Mark Mender is a solid and strong feeling tool that has a stainless finish. The Original Mark Mender is slightly larger and has black finish. Short story: both version of the Mark Mender put comparable golf cigar holders to shame. No offense.

A Golf Cigar Holder That Keeps It Together

Almost all cigar smoking golfers have been there: resting your cigar on the fringe, putting surface, or worse, the golf cart’s storage cubby. Not does this behavior disrespect your cigar, but it also disrespects the course (and the cart boy for having to clean our your makeshift ashtray.)

As a dependable alternative that you can trust, the Mark Mender is the golf cigar holder that secures your stogie without risk of falling or going out. It also ensures that you can take your cigar with to the golf greens.

Have you ever tried using one of those $4.99 golf cart cigar holders? Or how about the one that clips onto your hip like some sort of holster? If so, then you’ve probably come to realize how sketchy and unreliable these products can be. Do yourself a favor and use a winning cigar holder that works. Give the Mark Mender a try and experience for yourself why it’s the best golf tool to have by your side.

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