The Best Divot Tool? The Mark Mender Takes The Win

What Makes Mark Mender The Best Divot Tool?

Seeking the best divot tool? There's a reason why the Mark Mender has a reputation as the best divot repair tool in the sport of golf.  Meticulously engineered to mitigate improper divot repair and prolonged damage to the greens, the Mark Mender is one of the best divot tools designed to make fixing ball marks easy and effective.

With most conventional, 2-prong divot tools, the natural tendency when repairing a ball mark is to pull up along the sides of the divot. This can actually do more harm than good to the greens (and the future putts of your fellow golfers.) The Mark Mender is a four-prong divot tool that uses a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism, enabling golfers to repair their ball mark with greater care and satisfaction. Using a simple poke-and-pinch technique, the Mark Mender golf divot tool repairs ball marks with effortless triumph.

A Versatile Maven Among Divot Repair Tools

As a golfer, there are few better feelings than striking the green from 150 yards out. You know, those “pin-high approach shots” that put the ball “on the dance floor.”

While nearing the green, you relinquish in your post-shot high and stroke your ego while you have the chance. Whether you’re a scratch golfer or just pulled it out of your ass, you’re still impressed by your crater-like divot, and the eight feet of backspin you put on the ball.

As you step onto the green, you feel like a pro only needing your putter. And with your mind focused on sinking the birdie putt, you mindlessly repair your divot, using a golf tee, like a lazy amatuer.  

Does this scenario sound familiar? Or maybe you just “know a guy who does that.” Whatever your excuse for carelessly fixing divots, it’s about time to start showing a little more respect for the greens, and start keeping it real with your greenskeeper.

The Best Divot Tool for Fixing Ball Marks

The Mark Mender divot repair tool is the professional’s choice for properly fixing ball marks. It’s also the one thing in your golf bag that can help mitigate your reputation as a sandbagger with a 28 handicap.

And unlike other divot repair tools that claim to be the best, the Mark Mender provides a gratifying sensation of mending divots the right way, using a spring-loaded, multi-purpose squeezing mechanism. It adds a satisfaction feeling to an already gratifying experience of having stuck your approach shot, like a boss.

Minimize Damage While Maximize Your Respect to Mother Nature

So stop destroying the putting surface with weak attempts that can take weeks for the greens to recover. Start using the best divot tool for fixing the most buried of ball marks. The Mark Mender helps minimize damage the greens while maximizing your level of respect to mother nature, your fellow golfers, and the golf course superintendent (because we all know he can either be super cool or an arrogant bastard with a stank eye.)

Let the Mark Mender help improve your mindfulness game out on the course, prompting you to get in touch with your roots. This stellar golf accessory does more than induce harmonious feelings of compassion and dignity. It can also help up-your-baller-status by serving as more than just the best divot tool.

The Mark Mender Is Unlike Other Divot Repair Tools

Ranging from its impressive versatility to its ingenious functionality, the Mark Mender goes beyond other divot repair tools. For instance, let’s look at the conventional, 2-prong golf divot repair tool. The natural instinct when using these tools (or your golf tee) is to pry the divot upward, helping to level the surface of the green.

Although supported with good intentions, this natural inclination of uplifting the divot actually uproots the green. In essence, this oblivious but overly-common mistake does more harm than good. The outcome: a small patch of putt-diverting dead grass that will take upwards to 3 weeks to heal. This is just one more reason why the Mark Mender is the best divot tool on the market.

Offering More Than Just a Divot Tool

The Mark Mender offers far more than your average divot repair tool. For all the times you need your pitching wedge and your putter, the tool is a leverage that keeps your grips dry and off the dewy ground. Sure, your sweet new Titleist golf towel might not get much use, but look at the bright side. You’ll be a trendsetter on the links with Mark Mender as your righteous caddie.

And if you enjoy a good stogie, then this “divot repair tool” is tops. The Mark Mender is considered by many the best cigar holder in the sport; the beautiful sport of sustaining optimal condition of your stogie while whacking a little ball around a lush and strategically-manicured course with your homies.

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  1. Finding it difficult to place order and get replies to emails .....They keep on bouncing back to me ....DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.......What is the correct email details for ordering . Gary Trethewey.
    • Gary, First Thanks for your interest in our product. Please accept my personal apology for the difficulty you've had placing your order. Currently, we don't have an economical or reliable way to ship our product internationally. I can try to accommodate you through a PayPal payment if that could work for you, but would be able to assure a timely delivery. Having said that, how many tools do you want? Also, which product would you like, the zinc tool or the original polymer tool? Thanks again for your interest and I look forward to your reply. Roy Cranman Cranman Golf Products, LLC 404-694-4532 P.S. We are considering making our product available internationally through Amazon. Your interest may just be the catalyst we need to do so.